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Let us make your next event a success with unparalleled innovation and service.

AVTS is in the business of Creating Experiences. 

From content to creation, we elevate brand activations with unparalleled innovation and service.

We start with an audience-focused approach, exploring a wide range of big ideas and moving fluidly toward refined conceptual renderings. Before the first construction document is drawn, you'll have a realistic idea of how the images, environments, lighting, motion, and sound will come together to envelop, educate, and entertain.

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.

Sound Equipment


AVTS offers a complete line of audio solutions. We work with you to determine which technologies will best deliver the sound for your event or project. Our tenured staff is highly skilled in pairing and designing the right system with the show requirements to properly convey your message.


Our team has depth and experience in producing top musical artists and can also manage a basic speaking engagement with equal precision.

AV Labor Support
AV Labor Support


AVTS is your source for AV labor support, employing some of the best show specialists in the industry. Constant training and exposure to the latest technology virtually guarantees that your event will be staffed with the most knowledgeable and competent technical labor available.

AVTS can easily handle all of your event labor needs from sound, lighting and video specialists to general AV technicians, from decorators to scenic designers, graphic designers and teleprompter operators, riggers, truck loaders, temp labor and much more.

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Branding Activation


AVTS Specializes in  creating impactful and immersive brand experiences for launches and live entertainment events. Whether you're introducing a new product, unveiling a groundbreaking concept, or organizing a memorable concert or theatrical performance, we understand the power of branding to elevate your event to new heights. With our expertise in visual design, storytelling, and experiential marketing, we bring your brand to life on stage, capturing the essence of your message and captivating audiences with a seamless fusion of creativity and strategy. 

Let us transform your launch or live entertainment event into an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

CADs & Floorin Plan Drawings
CADs & Floor Plan Drawings


AVTS takes pride in providing exceptional floor plans and CAD drawings for our clients' live entertainment events and exhibit spaces. We understand the importance of creating an immersive and visually appealing environment that enhances the overall experience of your attendees. Our team of talented CAD designers possesses a deep understanding of event logistics and spatial design, allowing them to create detailed and accurate floor plans that optimize space utilization and flow. From stage placement and seating arrangements to booth layouts and exhibit designs, we ensure that every aspect of the the event space is meticulously planned and executed.

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Custom Scenic Shop
Workshop Tools
Custom Scenic Shop


When clients visit our custom in-house scenic shop, they're blown away. Amidst the tools and gadgets, take one look around our facility and it's clear that AVTS does much more than design. Our team members get their hands dirty every day, physically turning raw materials into beautiful, jaw-dropping scenic elements. It is in this workshop that plans, sketches and renderings come to life, emerging as full-scale project components, ready for installation.



We realize that content creation is a vital part of the entire look and feel of your event or project.


As a part of your complete message, AVTS is available to produce high resolution prints, aid with presentation design, create custom shells and animations, design displays and more, all helping to pull the pieces of your show together.

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Screenshot 2024-01-05 090419.png


Allow our creative team to collaborate with you, exploring your concepts and aspirations. Subsequently, our graphic visualization department will transform your vision into reality through a tailor-made rendering.




AVTS produces events of all sizes. Regardless of size, when it comes to your lighting needs, you need two things: an experienced production staff and plenty of cutting-edge AV technology to put in their hands. AVTS has both and they are in-house. 

We provide stage lighting design and programming including lighting control systems paired with moving lights, LED and conventional lighting equipment. No project is too big, or too small.

Live Streaming
Live Streaming
Virtual Events
Hybrid Events


AVTS guides you and your team through the process and technology options available for optimal virtual experiences. Whether it is simply enhancing a platform you already utilize, or establishing a platform solution for you, our live stream experts help you select the best solution for your event and audience. With online events spectacular content is key, along with clear audio and visuals, paired with optimal lighting. This is our bread and butter. We've got you covered!


We can help with:

  • Content Development

  • Presenter Support

  • Live Auction

  • Archiving

  • Live Polling

  • Breakout Sessions

  • General Sessions


These are a few of the areas we support for virtual events. 



AVTS has an extensive inventory of lifts, truss, motors, and rigging materials, as well as the experience necessary to design and accomplish a wide variety of entertainment rigging configurations.


Ongoing training and an experienced team virtually ensures that our primary goal of safety is constantly and consistently met.

Stage Design
Stage Design



AVTS transforms spaces. A stage design should clearly reflect the message or theme that you are trying to communicate, whether it be simple elegance or a detailed set.

Our skilled team of creative and design professionals works with you to generate big ideas and guides the development of those ideas. Combine your imagination with our expertise and insight for a fully immersive and high impact environment.



AVTS Specializes in providing professional video equipment and services that are custom tailored for your event. We stock an extensive inventory of high-end video equipment, offering the latest technology in video switching systems, professional camera configurations, hi-powered sport lenses, large and small venue displays, a multitude of LED displays, data converters and matrix switchers.


What ever video needs you may have, AVTS has them covered. We are the right choice for your next event regardless the size or complexity. Our commitment to excellence and a full staff of industry professionals ensures quality and diversity for even the most complex of events.

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